Joining the Club

If you would like to join the club, please email our membership secretary Catherine Patterson at who will send you a membership form to complete and the payment details.

There are various types of membership available:

1st Claim

If you join as first claim we will affiliate you with England Athletics which costs £15 per year.

Senior Member (aged 22+) £50

Junior Member (aged 16-21) £25


2nd Claim

2nd Claim is available to you if you are already registered as 1st claim with another club.  You have all the benefits of 1st claim and can also still compete for LoSS in events where we are not competing against your first claim club.

Senior Member (aged 22+) £35

Junior Member (aged 16-21) £15


Social Member

If you are 16 and over and not currently running you are welcome to join as a social member for £20.